This new wood deck is the first of many we have designed to be applied on the deck of a ship model. The kit comes in 3 main parts: The upper Gun Deck, Main Deck and Forecastle Deck, all laser cut and engraved to precisely fit the Arizona kit. The set will also include other bits of wood necessary for finishing the model. 

200-401 1/200 USS ARIZONA Micro-Thin Wood Deck $100.00


200-401 1/200 USS ARIZONA Micro-Thin Wood Deck $100 + $5 S&H Surcharge



Here are some photos of the production item installed on a built-up model by my friend and customer Fred Heil. This will give the modeler some idea of what the finished decks will look like applied. 

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BB39-FRED012.jpg (669049 bytes)


Note: The dashed lines inside the casemate gun area and the interior deck cut will allow for the building and placement of the interior bulkheads by the modeler using simple strip styrene if desired.

200-401-006.jpg (2805788 bytes)