Spring/Summer of 1942


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1/350 USS Yorktown Conversion $75

1/350 USS Yorktown Conversion $75+ $8 Shipping Surcharge

The Trumpeter USS Hornet kit is an excellent model. Unfortunately, the Hornet was built after her sisters had been in service for a few years and was modified to improve on the design. The modeler who wants to build either the Yorktown or Enterprise from the Hornet kit was facing a major scratch building project. This resin set includes everything needed to represent either Yorktown or Enterprise before her 1943-44 refit. There are parts included to do everything item above the flight deck, as well as the 5" gun galleries.

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Below are some pictures of the first casting that was built as a show display and placed on a "deck" made of plain card stock..

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This set is designed for the advanced modeler and comprises resin parts. Sometimes the resin parts will warp during shipping, due to events beyond our control such as heat. If this happens to your set, simply place the warped part in hot water (about 100 degrees Fahrenheit) for a few minutes and then gently bend the part back into shape. If this does not work, contact us and we will replace the part, free of charge.