1/48 Internal Brace & FOD Covers 

for 1/48 Trumpeter RA-5C Vigilante        

$14.00 + S&H 





48-801 RA-5C Internal Brace - $14 + S&H

48-801 RA-5C Internal Brace $14 + S&H  + $2 Shipping Surcharge



The new Vigilante kit has been one of the most demanded models for years. Overall, the kit is superb, but it does have one major fit problem... the fuselage halves tend to bend inward as the plastic cools at the factory and alignment becomes an issue with a seam that is about 8 inches long.

This set of frames is designed to fit inside the kit and force the bottom seam into the proper position and allow easy gluing and seam work. As an added benefit, it also includes a mounting ring for the AIRES Late F-4 Phantom Burner Cans (Aires kit #4118) at the proper distance as well as an adapter ring for the kit engines (once cut to the proper length). 

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