20mm Mk4 Deck Gun

20mm Twin Cannon Deck Gun

In 1941, the Fleet Boats were woefully unprotected when it came to antiaircraft defense. Early war experience, beginning at Pearl Harbor, demonstrated that the .50cal machine guns installed were simply inadequate to defend the boats against a concerted attack. In late 1942, skippers started to add 20mm guns to their boats as they became available. One of the things they did was to install the 20mm Machine Cannons to various positions, usually on the unused gun foundation. Every boat was constructed with a foundation for a large caliber deck gun forward and aft of the fairwater, although most boats did not have a second deck gun installed. Some skippers had them on the cigarette decks, while others added them to unused gun foundations on the main deck,. and a few mounted them in both positions. As the autumn of 1942 approached, some skippers decided the rarely-used bridge would be put to better utility if the fairwater coaming and bridge instruments were removed and a gun platform were to be installed in that location instead. This was the second major change in the evolution of the "cut down" fairwaters seen during the war; the first being  the removal of the sheet metal fairings of the periscopes and the cigarette deck.

Each pack comes with two guns.




             72-059 1/72 20mm Cannon Mk4 mount  $12

   72-059 1/72  20mm Cannon Mk4 mount  $12 + $2 Shipping Surcharge