Type VIIC Wintergarten Sets


72-501 Type VIIC Wood Deck for Revell-Germany #5015

The Type VIIC U-boat was built with a slotted wood deck. Why not replace the plastic part with a slotted wood deck in 1/72 scale? What represents wood better than wood? The decks can be painted and then worn down to represent the wear and tear these boats suffered during normal use.

The kit consists of a two-part main deck, with backing plates for the proper areas, the bridge deck and wood planks and some accessory parts. The slots in the decks are cut through. The main hatch recesses are etched into the wood, but the backing plates give the modeler the option of removing these to allow for an open hatch or to have the hatches lower below the deck line as suggested in some photos. The kit also comes with main deck hatches & bridge hatch.

Review by Len Roberto over on Modeling Madness  Revell 1/72 Type VII U-boat


             72-501 Type VIIC Wood Deck $38.00 + S&H

   72-501 Type VIIC Wood Deck $38.00 + S&H + $5 shipping surcharge

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