Flood Vent Templates


The Trumpeter Gato kits lack one of the most important features for any submarine: The free flood openings and the flood vents found along the bottom of the boat. Without these features, the boat would be little more than a low riding destroyer. These templates are designed to be used along the bottom of the hull (the keel) and are located in the following positions. Please note that not all sheets will have all of the numbers indicated, due to the different patterns.

Side View of Location

This drawing is of the bottom of the kit and shows the weld lines on the hull. The numbers indicate which panel of the template goes into a given area. All of the panels are to be placed centered on the keel.

72-703 Gato/Prewar Classes Flood Templates

This set is designed for the majority of the boats. This pattern was used on the early Gato class units, plus the prewar Gar, Tambor and Sargo classes. It is designed to be applied between the weld lines present on kit hull and includes the free flood openings, flood vents, fuel tank manhole covers and sonar openings.


Perch Class  176-178 @ EB, 179-180 @PNSY, 181 @MINSY
Salmon Class  182-184 @ EB, 185-186 @ PNSY, 187 @ MINSY
Sargo Class  188-190 @ EB, 191-192 @ PNSY, 193 @ MINSY
Seadragon Class  194-195 @ EB,  196-197 @ PNSY
Tambor Class  198-200 @ EB,  201-202 @ PNSY, 203 @ MINSY
Gar Class  206-208 @ EB, 209-210 @ PNSY, 21 @ MINSY
Gato Class   
Porstmouth Naval Ship Yard (PNSY ) 228-235,275-280
Mare Island Naval Ship Yard (MINSY)  236-239,281-284
Electric Boat Company 212-227,240-264
Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company 265-274


             72-703 Gato/Prewar Classes Flood Templates $17.50

   72-703 Gato/Prewar Classes Flood Templates $17.50 + $2 Shipping Surcharge